Members Presentation Videos

August 2022

Our August 2022 club meeting included a presentations by Jeff Padell, WX1USN on solar photography. Jeff is an accomplished photographer and an avid amateur astronomer owning several of his own telescopes as well as belonging to some astronomy groups and societies.

July 2022

Our July 2022 club meeting included a presentations by Phil McNamara, KB1CYO about Narrow Band Emergency Message System or NBEMS for short. The system is driven by the free FLDIGI suite of software available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The hardware requirements are; any radio (HT, Mobile, HF) that has a mic and speaker jack , and a radio interface. If your radio has a USB port, you are all set. If not, the easiest way is with a SignaLink or RigBlaster and appropriate cable sets which you can purchase or home brew. For a computer, the only requirement is a sound card and mic connection. Because of the low overhead, an old Windows 7 machine with 1GB of ram and a small hard drive is perfect. Obviously, more ram is better. The presentation also includes a demo of the functionality of the software.

June 2022

Our June 2022 club meeting included two Youtube presentations about Long Wire antennas. The first video is about the different types of Long Wire antennas, and the second is a review and demonstration about a Nelson wire antenna.